7 Nigerians Tell Us Their Worst Hotel Experience

September 12, 2020

Hotels are supposed to be home away from home. But sometimes, these hotels end up being hell away from home. In this post, I spoke to 7 people about their worst hotel experience. Honestly, some hotels need to be locked up completely.

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My hotel experiences have usually been good. The only annoying one was in Abuja where the front desk people asked for my marital status. I asked them what their business was and that they should give me my key. This was probably in 2012 or ’13.


The AC sounded like the ghosts of all the people I had promised money and ignored. The TV could not work when the fridge was on, and then the person I lodged with said she saw someone watching us at night while we slept. And the water stopped flowing by like 10pm.

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Mine was in Abeokuta. I looked for the place for about an hour and I eventually lodged in at 1-2 a.m. The bed sheets were old, the one towel they provided had holes. In the adjacent room, people were having sex and I could hear them going at it. The hotel had a nice view though. That was the only good thing.


Ibadan, 2018. When it was time to clean in the morning, we were sent out of our rooms while cleaners used dirty rags, buckets and went down on all fours. Everybody stood outside the door(s) and looked on as they reused the same dirty water for all the rooms. The dry cleaning was a scam too. The hotel laundromat will charge you big money for washing. Next thing you’ll go outside and see your clothes on the line, dripping wet.

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My sister and I got stuck in the elevator at a hotel with the hotel concierge. I wasn’t scared until the guy started panicking and shouting and making my anxiety worse. The scariest part? He also tried to open the elevator doors with his hands.

stainless steel elevator door with buttons


They were turning off the water at night for some reason. I had to open the toilet tank to flush. Also, the bathroom would flood for no reason and flow into the room. Between that and the AC water pouring into the room, the room looked like Calibos’ swamp. This all happened in the same hotel in Lekki Phase 1 of all places.

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There were rats, not one, not two, but thousand, in the room. The hotel was in Ikeja and I assumed that even though it was cheap — about 8k or so, because of the location — it would make sense. The exterior made sense too. I booked the hotel for weekend getaway so I could spoil my mans. Lmao. Jokes. The rats had better plans for the weekend, and I didn’t even know this. When we told the hotel staff, they just laughed and told us they would give us rat glue. I kid you not. We killed about two rats with the rat glue on the first night. You know the worst part? It was during the period on Twitter when they were talking about cheap hotels. I couldn’t even open my mouth to contribute.

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