Nigerian Women Share Their Worst Experience Getting Aired

November 30, 2020

In life, there are very few things that are worse than being aired by someone you like. It’s the kind of betrayal that would have you sitting years later with your grandkids when you suddenly remember that one Femi aired your text 50 years ago. These Nigerian women share their worst experience of getting aired.

1. Anita, Straight

I sent one guy my nudes on iMessage and he replied by only liking the nudes. I almost died. I decided to played the long game. When he got comfortable physically and emotionally with me, I fucked him and ghosted. Let’s all be mad together.

2. Enuvie, Straight

I have this experience from 3-4 years ago about being aired. Nothing has beat it since or ever will (in Jesus name). I poured out my heart to this guy I was talking to. It was a long, romantic epistle and he left me on read for 3 whole months. He came back later and said he had surgery. Well, so did I but I still texted. I accepted his apology but seeing his tweets on the TL kept irritating my soul so I blocked him.

3. Tami, Straight

I met a guy and we were always talking. I thought I had found my companion until BOOM! He stopped calling. I was very confused cause this has never happened to me before. I was on IG when I saw him chilling in France. This man relocate to France and didn’t even tell me. My self esteem took a nosedive. I kept wondering why I couldn’t get a simple call back or text with an explanation.

4. Sharon, Straight

I have been friends with this guy for over 12 years. At some point we had a mutual crush on each other. We kept in contact by following each other on our social media. One day, I summoned the courage to ask him out on a date. He said he was broke but I didn’t mind. I told him to hustle transport fare and I’ll handle the rest. He agreed and picked a date. I was so happy until this guy aired me. He was reading my messages and not responding. I cried. Later found out he took another girl out on a date.

5. Clara, Pansexual

It happened on Twitter. Being a babe that I am, I shot my shot on the TL. The guy was so fine but my mistake was overlooking the fact that he is a Yoruba guy and those ones are cousins with the devil. I pulled a sharp line, complimented his outfit and his eyes and after all that, he aired me with the spirit of Sango. That was the end of my gun blazing era. He didn’t even like the tweet. Now I’m in therapy for shame. Please keep me anon.

6. Katherine, Straight

I recently decided to put myself out there and date. I joined a dating site. But, I went about it the wrong way because rather than chatting with more people, I focused on one person I found attractive. He asked for my IG handle and after that, he never spoke to me again. I was ultra confused because my pictures match my profile. Out of embarrassment, I deleted the app. I have made a bunch of excuses as to why he never got back to me, for the sake of my mental health.

7. Christiana, Straight

So I had someone I had been hooking up with earlier in the year and things were great. Sometime in July, I suggested we link up and he agreed. Didn’t hear from him and when I reached out, crickets. Over the course of 4 months, it was just airing and vibes. Then this month I suggested it again and he agreed. But this time he completely aired me and hasn’t spoken to me in 3 weeks. I have been asking myself ‘Na me be this?’ Fully started doubting my babeness but all that’s over now. A bad bitch is a bad bitch. Soldier go, soldier come, barrack go still remain. I am the barrack.

8. Jessica, Bisexual

I had a crush on this girl before corona. We met at a writing workshop and I really liked her. Before I got a chance to ask her out, lockdown happened. Luckily, we were able to continue the workshop online. I wasn’t trying to be friends so I subtly tried to find out if she was into women too. I put a bi-flag pin on my shirt during the workshop video calls, tried to be flirty in the DMs without being creepy, even pretended to like Harry Styles.

She eventually invited me for a picnic at her place. I was ready so I asked for location, time and she aired me. I tried to play it cool as she was still posting, perhaps my message just got buried. I faked sending a message that wasn’t meant for her to her so we could start a conversation. She took the bait and when I brought up lunch, she aired me for months. She later popped up with a girlfriend who she posted with pictures they took on a picnic date. I really had to wonder if my picnic date was just looted before my very eyes.

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