How APT Pensions Got Young Nigerians Talking About Pensions.

September 11, 2020

2nd of September, 2020, a video caught fire on social media. It featured a popular social media influencer, Princess Ife, who gave an account of how her supposed date with a new hunk, went south because he asked the most unlikely of questions. 

Now here is how it went down. 

Princess Ife was liking this guy whom she met recently. He was funny and cute. And as a result, she agreed to go on a date with him. The location was by the Beach, and dinner was served in the company of candlelights and fine wine. The typical TV stuff of a romantic date. However, halfway into their date, the guy asked her a question. The question was, “what is your five-year plan”. Sounds simple and harmless but when you give it some thought, it is more difficult than it seems. Princess Ife was irritated by this question as would many people if they found themselves in her shoes. This question threw her off balance. And so in return, She asked him, “what is your retirement plan”? I imagine at this time both were having more wine than normal in a bid to cool down the fire. Lol. 

But no wine could quench the drama that unfolded early this morning when Ife’s date, a comedian named Tosin Kupoluyi, also known as Xtreme responded with a video of his own. He owned up as the supposed date and told his side of the story. He spoke with so much passion in the video, telling us how serious he takes his future and the importance of being with someone with a plan.

Since both videos went up, they have generated different views and reactions from fans. Some don’t see anything wrong with the question as they feel it’s a sign of maturity and responsibility on the guy’s side, while others feel it’s a bad question to ask on a date. But one thing was clear from these videos, younger people are talking about retirement. Something other pension management institutions haven’t been able to achieve save APT pensions. 

APT pensions are renowned Pension fund managers that help their customers live well even after they have retired. But APT wants to change the narrative of pension from the old to the young.

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That is why APT was behind the two videos from Princess Ife and Xtreme to encourage the younger generation to plan for a swag-filled retirement. One where they can enjoy their retirement doing the fun things they love to do even from their youthful days. For APT, that’s the ideal way to #livelonglivewell.

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